3 interesting initiatives taken by companies during the pandemic

Sharing good news not only makes you feel better but also improves the wellbeing of those around you. It is right what they say… Sharing joy brings more joy! With everything happening around the world, good things that are happening are going unnoticed. So here is presenting, 3 interesting initiatives taken by companies during the pandemic.

Starbucks offering 20 free therapy sessions

Starbucks in March, took an initiative to offer 20 free REAL therapy sessions (a year) for its staff both full time and part time workers in the United States. Beginning April, Starbucks partnered with Lyra Health to provide the employees and eligible family members access to 20 free therapy sessions a year. Many organizations do provide mental health facilities like counselling services however, Starbucks took an additional step of providing professional and more intense form of mental health benefits such as goal focused treatment, new skill development etc. Early this year, they also launched headspace subscriptions (an app to support daily meditation and mindfulness) for all its employees.

source: starbucks.com

Amazon spending $ 500 Million on holiday employee bonus

As everybody heads into the holiday season, Amazon has decided to share its appreciation through a special recognition bonus, totaling more than $500 million for its frontline employees. It is paying upto $ 300 to its full time employees and $150 to its part time employees (in the US).
Source: Bloomberg

Malaysian Start-Up helping thousands find work during the pandemic

Like the rest of the world, when Malaysia went into movement restriction in mid march, Francesca Chia, co-founder of GoGet, was making a conscious effort to find jobs for thousands of workers in need of new income. GoGet is an on-demand work platform  that connects businesses and consumers with verified gig workers for flexible tasks like deliveries, catering and admin.
Chia also plans to provide a comprehensive support package for workers as well as the ability to favorite their preferred gig worked.
Source: cnbc.com


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