How to make the most of a job you dislike

There are many reasons why one decides to continue in a job one dislikes. It could be because of a financial crunch, familial responsibilities, not landing the right opportunities, recession, the list is never ending really. Sometimes disliking your job could even be a phase.

What do you do when you are confused or you don’t have a choice but to continue with your current job temporarily but are finding it difficult to get through your work days? Here are 6 ways you can make the most of a job you don’t really like but can’t really quit:  

Have friends you can rant to

This may not be the most positive way to deal with a bad situation, but we are humans and ranting is a tried and tested technique to feel better instantly. Find a friend who is in the same predicament as you and vent to each other.

Give your 100%

Give your best to this job. It may be the most difficult thing to do, but giving your best can result in doing the best which will further lead to more recognition. This will give you the validation which can motivate you to do better and who knows! May also lead to a raise.

Keep note of WHY you are doing your job

Knowing the why of things can help you sustain a career, relationship, an investment etc. Write down WHY you are still on a job that you do not necessarily fancy and ensure you have solid reasons. Have a look at them every time you are close to giving up. Make it your phone/computer wallpaper if you have to.

Build a cute work station

If you are working out of office, build your work station. Add some plants to your desk that is known for helping with productivity, place photo frames, decorative cup holders, post its etc., own your space! If you are working from home, you will have more freedom to experiment with your space. You could also work out of cafes for a change in environment.

Write down 2 reasons you are grateful for your job everyday

Gratitude is powerful. Showing gratitude has its benefits. Start your day by expressing appreciation for your job. Draft 2-3 reasons you are grateful for the job that you have. This will definitely help you stay motivated and allow you to see the positives of the situation.

Develop a hobby

Having something to do apart from your day to day job will help relieve stress. Developing a hobby such as painting, writing, reading etc can help take your mind off the job

Working on a job you dislike is not easy but having a negative attitude towards it won’t make it any easier.

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